Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KLCC Morning Out With Buddy Mun

My friend Mun and I went out for a little walk at the KLCC Suria shopping complex and took a few pictures. He wanted to work on composition of pictures and I laughed a lot when he was lying on the floor of the concourse to shoot some photos.

It's nice to have spent a little time just chilling with my friend.

Most of the pictures I take these days are in Program mode with the ISO settings at what I think will give sufficient shutter speed. I'm still not much into editing or touching up on the images. Apart from cropping and exporting the images in smaller sizes, there doesn't seem to be much time.

Briefly met a German lady from Berlin who was visiting the towers with her husband. Odd that he was walking way ahead not really waiting for her. Welcome to Malaysia!

Mun took a nice picture of the Mont Blanc store emblem through the Suria KLCC logo on the glass of an upper floor. Good shot!

Went back to KLCC for lunch this afternoon and found that Candy Land has already been taken apart. Goodbye to the gingerbread people.

Have a safe and Happy New Year. Hope 2010 will see the world grow up somewhat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shots From 70s Fashion Event

I was at an event where the attendees were supposed to dress in 1970s fashion. Used my SAL1855 kit lens for a little while, but had the most fun snapping candid shots with the SAL75300. Throughout the night I only used the built-in flash twice. Until I get an external flash, I'll probably stay away from using the flash.

As the venue was rather dim, I stuck with ISO3200 all the way under Program mode, and practised using my left arm (instead of hand) to stabilize the long lens. You'll find a bit of noise under that setting, but I'd rather have a bit of noise than a lot of blur images. I'd still be glad to learn better techniques. The Sony A330 seems to perform well for me at this event.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Visit To The KL Butterfly Park

Lots of shutterbugs can be found at the KL Butterfly Park. Entry for adults is RM8 per person. Children are charged RM4 per head and cameras are allowed in at RM1 each. No tripods allowed.

The place is not so friendly for the disabled or parents with strollers as there are many steps and no ramps, but if you're looking for some pictures to shoot, you'll have lots of fluttery subjects to choose from. I used my SAL75300 for this little trip, and managed a few practice shots.