Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Alternative Cake

Most times one might be thinking about what type of cake to get for a birthday, anniversary, farewell or some occasion of that sort. Typically the mind wanders over the options of black forest, chocolate, banana chocolate, sponge, fruit, blueberry, cheese or even coffee flavoured cake.

A departure from the norm would come in the form of Jelly cakes. What? Jelly cakes? Well, why not? After the usual heavy meal and free-flow of drinks, most would not have much room for a rich and heavy slice of cake (or two) for dessert. A Jelly cake is simple, colourful, light and very much pleasing to the eye.

A friend of the family recently celebrated the daughter's full moon (one month old) and gave us a pretty jelly cake from Qjelly. More information about the establishment that produces this cake can be found at

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