Friday, October 9, 2009

Not A Botanist

I have a neighbour who loves gardening. She's got pots and pots of all sorts of plants and she spends time at least twice a day trimming, pruning, watering, fertilizing and caring for her plants in the early morning and evening.

For me, I have a patch of grass with some leafy greens near a wall plus a tiny pot of mint plant that's neither growing or dying. It's odd that the grass is a bit spongy, but that seems to be the way it grows.

After some time taking pictures in RAW, I think I'll switch to Fine and Small for now, unless it's a special occasion or shot. Even loading the RAW images are taking too long. So, it's iPhoto for now for easy viewing and management of images.

It's been said (and I agree) that perhaps blogspot is not the best place to post your pictures as you can't really see close-up details unless you click on the images for the actual size. That's just one click too many.


  1. lol @ one click too many. but yes, I have heard it too, and to be fair, I am finding it isn't the worst place one could start. But don't you just love taking pictures of the flora? its just so easy to capture its essence. Nature is what always convinces me that God is all around.

  2. He's around even when you don't think he is :)