Thursday, October 15, 2009

Probably The Last Time

This is the 3rd post about the wasp/hornet (please tell me what it is!) nest that's been progressively built at the rear of my home.

I tried to get an even closer shot and selected Large, Fine & 2x Telephoto settings on my Sony A330 dSLR. Looks like the details are more pronounced this time around and the nest texture looks simply amazing. I'm sure more could be done with a macro lens (and a higher resolution sensor), but I'll have to settle with what the kit lens has to offer.

For uploading to this blog, I'm trying a maximum height of 800 pixels, which matches my laptop's display resolution of 1280 x 800. See if it's a good size to post.

Not wanting to encourage further nest building (I've cut them down twice), I resorted to using bug spray on them and totally removed this nest. Will this be the last of them around here for some time?


  1. Amazing Shot. But oh I really hope thats the last of them, it'll be dangerous for the boys to be around these guys! Stop them from coming back! And yes, it is the right resolution, I see what you mean by seeing the details!

  2. i usually flame the whole thing... but dunno if you're familiar with the 'method'... if lighter and bug spray ring a bell then you are... otherwise, dunno if you dare to try ;)