Sunday, August 30, 2009

EPL Crunch Match: Manchester United vs. Arsenal

Arsenal go into the game on a back of a good run of goal-scoring.

Starters for Arsenal:
Almunia, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy, Sagna, Song, Denilson, Diaby, Arshavin, Eboue & van Persie

Everyone is talking about the Eduardo dive, and frankly it has left a sour taste in the mouth. Eduardo is on the bench today.

1) 7' Valencia elbows (looks deliberate) Vermaelen during a challenge for an aerial ball. Looks like it hurt (Vermaelen, I mean)
2) Feeling like an early goal from Man Utd. would really crush the Gunners' spirit and I hope it doesn't happen. It's a familiar emotion felt by gooners.
3) Man Utd. seem to be more dominant in the opening 10 minutes.
4) Red Devils are marking the Gunners tightly, so play is not as open as it will be when legs begin to tire.
5) The Man Utd jersey doesn't look so right with the black "V".
6) Giggs has been around forever.
7) Valencia's a dirty player, but at least he's good at being a little discreet.
8) Crucial tackle by Sagna on Nani in the penalty box. Red Devils are pushing hard
9) Arsenal need to compose themselves more
10) 19' Arsenal enjoying a little bit more possession the past few minutes
11) 20' Gunners push up for a free kick by van Persie. Nothing. I'm anticipating something will happen soon.
12) Not much space to move about but Arsenal have more possession.
13) Song earns a yellow card for bringing down Valencia who was weaving down the right flank.
14) van Persie almost scores save for a deflection to a corner. Arshavin can't keep down a shot that was almost going into the top right corner (of the goal, that is)
15) 26' We need a goal soon to make this game an exciting one. Hopefully it's an Arsenal goal (and I don't mean an own goal)
16) 30' Great ball-stelaing actin between the two teams. Free kick to Man Utd. in a dangerous area just outside the penalty box. Thanks, Gallas. Thanks to Rooney for putting it rather wide.
17) The Gunners have to work on those stray passes. Less of that, please.
18) 34' Things begin to heat up and Patrice Evra gets a yellow card for a tackle from behind. Nobody's hurt, though.
19) Arsenal seem to be more composed and have more possession. Now to spend more time in the Man Utd. half and get some shots on target.
20) Kumho Tires are advertising in Old Trafford. They must be a big company not from Malaysia.
21) 38' Can we see an Arsenal goal before the break?
22) 40' Goal!!! Arshavin strikes a super shot from distance and scores at the top left corner. So pretty! Man Utd. 0-1 Arsenal
23) 45' van Persie earns a shiny yellow card for a harsh tackle. Man Utd. have another free kick in a dangerous area but nothing comes of it. Still Man Utd. pile on more pressure
24) The whistle blows for the break. Arsenal lead by 1-nil but United have looked threatening.
25) 2nd half begins and it should be more interesting than the 1st.
26) 47' van Persie alsmost scores. Foster just about saves it. Great action!
27) 50' Eboue misses a golden opportunity to make it 2 up.
28) Man Utd. seem a little uncertain about themselves, but I'm sure they could score anytime. Hope not!
29) 53' Clichy displays great speed to put the ball out of touch. Corner to United, followed by another corner that leads to naught.
30) 55' Eboue gets a little overzealous and just escapes a yellow
31) 57' Penalty to Man Utd. as Almunia brings Rooney down. Rooney converts. Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal. This game is exciting and I really hope Arsenal win!
32) Wes Brown gets a yellow card for bringing down Diaby who made a really good run. Arsenal free kick taken by van Persie. It hits the crossbar!
33) 62' Valencia comes off for Park
34) Diaby scores an own goal. Man Utd. 2-1 Arsenal. I've got that sinking feeling.
35) 65' I think it's time for a substitution or two for the Gunners.
36) 69' Arsenal need to recompose themselves as Man Utd. start to get a grip of the game. Evra almost scores.
37) Eboue gets a yellow for diving.
38) 70' Bendtner comes on for Eboue. I like to imagine that Bendtner tends to score late goals.
39) This would be the time I would settle for a draw...
40) 74' Sagna gets a yellow for not agreeing with the referree
41) Six yellow cards for Arsenal so far
42) 76' Arsenal on the attack
43) 78' Eduardo comes on for Denilson. Can I feel a goal coming soon for the Gunners?
44) 80' Corner for Arsenal. 10 minutes left in the game. Aaron Ramsey comes on for Arshavin
45) Clichy skies one. There's a reason he doesn't score many goals for the Gunners
46) 84' Corner for Arsenal. Not much time left. Vermaelen heads high over the bar.
47) 85' Giggs comes off for Berbatov.
48) 88' Corner for United.
49) Five minutes of injury time announced.
50) 90+2' Berbatov misses the goal with only Almunia to beat.
51) 90+4' Nani loses the chance to bring United 3 goals
52) The ball goes into the net but the linesman says offside.
Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is sent off into the stands.

Game Over

Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal, and the Gunners come back to reality.

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