Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arsenal Back-Scoring & Foot-Borrowing

Arsenal emerged 0-2 victors in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League game away from home this morning at Celtic. William Gallas' back deflected a free kick from Fabregas into the right side of the Bhoy's goal just before the break, while Caldwell, who showed an otherwise good performance let in an own goal while trying to block a tricky low cross in the second half.

The Gunners began with the same starting line up which demolished Everton 1-6 away over the weekend. The first 40 minutes in Glasgow was closely contested, albeit with the visitors having more of the possession. Celtic were quickly closing in on the Arsenal players and allowed little room for them to play.

The second half saw the play open up significantly as the Gunners were allowed more space to move and run. However, the only other goal seen this morning was an own-goal by Caldwell. More could be expected of the Gunners, but the result shows two wins out of two so far this season, and one can't complain about that.

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